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Not bad for early August in NJ!

That bad boy on the top left is my first Big Jim (growing or eating).  I probably should have left this one on the plant for another week or so, it was a bit immature tasting when i sauteed it into my white turkey chili.  This pod was approximately 9 inches, I have it growing in my DIY earthbox knockoff.  In a few weeks, these peppers could be over a foot long! Perfect for Chile Rellenos and the New Mexican Chile Burger.

Those 2″ long red peppers on the lower left hand side are Thai Dragon Peppers.  I’m currently picking these as soon as they turn red, stringing them up with fishing line, then hanging them in a sunny window to dry for some crushed dried pepper. Recipe and pictures to follow. For an amazing chicken wing recipe using Thai chiles, check out Fast Eddie’s Spicy Thai Wings at the Pepper Joe website.

The 4″ thin red pods at the top are Kung Pao. Very enjoyable with any Asian cooking you may venture into.  I prefer mine chopped in my Faux Pho and other spicy soups.

Lastly, That abundant pile on the right side is what 64 Sport Chiles look like.  Sport Chiles are most commonly pickled and garnished upon the traditional Chicago style hotdog.  They are picked and pickled while green so as long as I keep picking them, they will keep producing, (at least until October). I’ve already picked over 90 and I estimate that by season’s end, I will have picked over 200 from this one plant.