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A few plants on my back porch, the rest are kept away from deer in my fenced-in pool area.

The following organic plants were grown from seeds purchased from Pepper Joe

I highly recommend Pepper Joe’s site as not only a store for the highest quality pepper seeds (amazing germination rates!), but also as a valuable resource for recipes and growing tips.  Joe even throws in free seeds with every order.

Pepper Joe Cayenne

Charleston Hot

Long Red Slim Cayenne

Las Cruces Chile (this was given to me as a seedling by my buddy, Tom.  He purchased the seeds a year ago from Pepper Joe. Very rare chile!)

The following plants were purchased as seedlings from Cross Country Nurseries in Stockton, NJ.

Their cleverly titled website, ChilePlants.com  is almost overwhelming with the abundant variety of exotic (and not so exotic) pepper plants.  I have the good fortune of living only 25 minutes from this hot pepper mecca, where they have a football field-sized greenhouse that is open to the public during the Spring.  They also have another greenhouse filled with Tomato, Eggplant, Tomatillo, Cilantro and Basil plants (thanks to them, I’m growing more basil varieties than I knew were in existence just a few months ago). I made 3 trips there this Spring and I plan on camping out there next year before opening day like I did in June of  ’89 waiting to see Michael Keaton blow my mind in Batman.

Biker Billy Jalapeno

Kung Pao Hybrid

Thai Dragon Chile

Sport Chile

Limo Chile

Ancho 101

Cobra Chile


Big Jim (2 plants)

Corno Di Toro

Ace Hybrid (2 plants)

In addition to these plants, I’m also growing 2 Rutgers Tomato plants (from seed) and a San Marzano tomato plant that has been quarantined due to suspected disease (slut).

Tommy Canoli picking out his 2011 plants at Cross Country Nurseries.