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Ancho 101, thriving in the self watering container.

A surprising majority of the unfortunate few who dare accept my invitation to peer at my pepper pics have commented on the deep green hue of my plant leaves. So, here’s the secret:

Here’s a tip that I originally read at Pepper Joe’s website back in February when I was just getting ready to purchase seeds and decide which plants to grow this summer.

Epsom Salt! A cheap and easy way to give your plants a shot of magnesium, which will  promote that beautiful deep green color to your leaves.  I’ve also read that if you spray this on your plants when they begin to show fruit, you can really boost maturity rates with a few sprays to the tops and bottoms of leaves. I spray all my pepper and tomato plants with this solution every 2 weeks. (Read below for recipe).

If those 2 reasons weren’t enough to make you raid your grandmother’s bathroom for some Epsom Salt, here’s one more……


Take a heaping tablespoon of Epsom salt and pinch out a salt ring around the stems of your plants (wait until the plants have been transplanted to their final destination). The magnesium shot to the soil around the stem will earn you a noticeably thicker plant (yes, size does matter).  I didn’t believe it, because it sounds like bullshit, but it works like a charm.  Your strong, naturally fortified plants will reach for the sky if you practice this method once after transplanting and once at harvest time.

Epsom Salt Solution Recipe:

2 tablespoons Epsom Salt

1 spray bottle filled with water

Instructions: Put the Epsom salt in the bottle of water.  Put the spray top back on. Shake that shit up. Spray your plants.

This looks nicer than the kind i use. Thanks google images!