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Photo Credit: Beaglestorm, pod is from pepperlover.com

Here are a few items to remember if you’re planning on harvesting pepper seeds to plant next year.

  • Wait till your peppers are at their peak ripeness. Those seeds will be the biggest and strongest.
  • Don’t bother saving seeds from Hybrid plants.  The seeds will not produce the same peppers.
  • Select seeds from the largest and best looking peppers.  Check out this Cayenne plant from Pepper Joe seeds.
  • Air dry the clean seeds completely before storing them.  Any moisture would give your seeds the wrong idea.
  • Let’em hang! If you see a pepper on your plant that is looking particularly promising, be patient and let it ripen.  That’s the gene pool you want in your garden next year.

For a How-to on saving seeds Check out this video I’ve titled: Where’s Wilma?

Just go to a farmers' market, buy some heirloom peppers and save those seeds, you lazy jerk.