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Some Saturdays are better than others….

This past Saturday, I spent a great deal of time picking peppers, making hot sauces, and cooking up dinner (stuffed peppers of course).

So here’s what I picked for the above photo:

Left Side (from top to bottom)
Biker Billy Jalapenos, Kung Pao Hybrid, Cobra Chile, Serranos.

Middle (from top to bottom)
Bowl of Sport chiles, red Big Jim, 2 orange Las Cruces chiles and 2 ripe Ancho 101 Poblanos.

Right Side (from top to bottom)
Yellow Limo chiles* and 2 giant Pepper Joe Cayennes.

Kung Pao Sriracha, North African Piri-Piri, Limo Peach and a few more jars of pickled Sport Chiles

The Limo Peach sauce I made is inspired by a popular habanero sauce recipe I found at Allrecipes.com.  I substituted Limo chiles for habs.  It came out kind of salty, so be careful.  The Sriracha sauce is quite amazing.  I will post the recipe when I feel you are ready for it.  My wife has had it with every meal since I’ve made it, which is quite a change from Sunday’s reaction to my 10 serrano guacamole: “You’re trying to kill me”.

*Coming this week….. Pepper Profile: Limo Chile