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Did you get a late start on your garden this Spring Summer?

Did you manage to kill every plant in your backyard?

Are you dying to make Homemade Sriracha, but you don’t have any Thai chiles?

Maybe you just want to try some peppers before dedicating months to growing them.

Here are a few ways to acquire fresh “exotic” chiles (without having an incredibly awesome pepper garden):

  • Almost all Asian food markets carry some form of Thai chiles (green or red) in the produce section.  They are usually quite affordable.  You can also find chiles at Mexican and Indian grocery stores.
  • Large supermarkets will usually have a Hispanic food section or international food section.  Often you can find dried chiles in clear plastic packages.  Yes, I know these aren’t fresh, but try soaking the dried chiles in water for a few hours.  The peppers will plump up and reconstitute to an almost fresh texture and they will substitute well in recipes that require fresh chiles.
  • If you don’t have access to any of these methods, there is still hope.  Cross Country Nurseries in Stockton, NJ is now shipping fresh chiles.  They have mostly super-hots but they have a few milder varieties.  They ship safely and speedily.
  • If you like the peppers you buy, you can save the seeds to plant next year.  Read about saving seeds here.

Not my first choice, but these will do in a pinch. $1.69 for about 40 chiles seems like a steal either way.

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