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Here’s a tip to help you remember which peppers are going to give you the best seeds for saving…

This is my Sport chile plant.  So far, it has yielded over 375 green pods, perfect for pickling.  There are a lot of peppers on this plant and I could easily pluck away all of the best pods before realizing that I have not saved any for collecting seeds.  As stated in a previous post, the best seeds for saving come from mature ripe fruit.  The green pods of the Sport chile would not yield viable seeds for sowing next year, so I will let a few of the biggest, most uniform chiles mature to red.

In order to keep track of which peppers should mature to red, I use a very thin piece of blue painter’s tape and adhere it to the stem of the pod.  Now, I won’t harvest these valuable chiles before they ripen and I’ll have plenty of strong seeds for next year.

Congratulations to EarthlytentHomestead for harvesting 500 pounds of produce this season!  Very inspiring!