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Presenting the easiest contest you’ve ever entered!

I’ve been harvesting, drying and dividing seeds for next year’s garden and I have quite a few extra packets to share with my fellow chili-heads or aspiring pepper enthusiasts. For tips on saving your own seeds, check out this article. I have plenty of Las Cruces, Big Jim and Limo chile seeds to share (all organic, all delicious).  Let’s make a contest out of it.

The rules are simple:

  • Send an Email to thepeppermeister@yahoo.com
  • Subject should be: Free Seeds
  • Include a mailing address
  • wait to receive 2 free packets of seeds!

The Catch

Not really a catch, but this is my first year saving and sharing seeds so I would like to know how they do.  Keep in touch and let me know how they grow for you next year.  Maybe send some pictures and germination rates.

I’d gladly accept some of your seeds in return or a simple Thank you will do.

Coming this week: Wings 101