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Here’s the official Peppermeister grow list for 2012.  I’m growing approximately 32 types of peppers, and several other plants, including a ton of herbs, tomatoes and peas.

I wanted to grow a little bit of everything this year, so my chiles range from the sweetest frying pepper to the hottest of the super hots.  I made sure to have several chiles that are best when picked green, red, orange, yellow, and even purple!  Along with the variety of colors I’ve chosen, this summer’s garden will feature peppers from all over the world.  Chiles from Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Poland, India, Thailand, Italy, Jamaica, Bolivia, and of course the good ol’ USA will be featured this summer.

This year’s pepper garden will combine plants that were started as seeds, plants that were purchased as seedlings and even a few plants that I over-wintered.  If you want to get more information about any of these chiles, try The Chileman Database or Chileplants.com.

2012 Grow list:

Aji Crystal
Cherry bomb hybrid
Banana hot
Beni Highlands
Mini chocolate bell
Mucho Nacho
Sigaretto Di Bergamo (2)
Thai Giant
Wenk’s Yellow Hots
Jamaican gold
Habanero white
Serrano del sol
Cayenne purple
Hinkle hatz
Purple de arbol
Hanoi red
Española Improved
CF Habanero
Bhut Jolokia
Alma Paprika
Aji Amarillo
Las Cruces
B.A. Cayenne
Sport Chile
Will I add more this summer? Probably.

Gorgeous Habanero Leaves

What chiles are you most looking forward to growing this year?