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The plants have really begun to take off over these last couple of weeks.  All of my chile plants are in their final home for the rest of the summer and I think I can start bringing in some major harvests by the end of the month.

I’ve been using a combination of slow release and instant fertilizers this year and the results have been positive.  For slow release, I’ve mixed in Fertrell Granular Organic Super Lawn and Garden right into my potting mix.  For an instant boost, I add Fox Farm Big Bloom Liquid Plant Food Concentrate.  The Fox Farm fertilizer is made from bat poop and pee, so it has to be good.

Here is a quick photo tour of the garden this summer. Click on any picture for a detailed view.

Jamaican Gold Chile (Growing exceptionally fast for a Caribbean pepper)

Serrano Del Sol Hybrid Chile

Banana Hot Chile

Ho Chi Minh Chile, I can’t wait to make some homemade Sriracha sauce from these!

Czechoslovakian Black Chile. Beautiful!

Mini Chocolate Bell Peppers (Sweet)

Cyklon Chile (Paprika pepper from Poland)

Uncle Jesse is keeping his eye on things. Keep those critters off my peppers!

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