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No one has ever asked me to post more garden videos.  I’m guessing that’s because I have yet to post my first. So here it is.

Just a few notes before you indulge in pepper plant awesomeness:

  • This video looks best when viewed in 1080p. If you know what that means, make it happen (Click play first, then click the little gear/change quality icon on the bottom of the Youtube window, then 1080p).
  • All music is from Echo Movement, East Coast Reggae at its finest.
  • I actually forgot a few plants! My sincerest apologies to Cyklon paprika chile, malagueta and others…
  • It’s Long and It’s Shaky.

When you’re done watching this video 3-4 times, watch it a few more times, then…

Check out a great article about the Psychology of Chile-heads.  This article was relentlessly procured and shared with me by a Brit, called Richie.  Thanks Richie!

Also, If you don’t know what is going on in your soil, you should contact an expert and that’s exactly what I did.  This is a fantastic blog about soil nutrients and sampling!  This site is a great resource and Susan Kauffman is a fountain of knowledge and expertise.

“Peppermeister’s Pick a Pic of Peppers Contest!” Details will be announced this week!!
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