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It’s time to give away some seeds. 

I’ve had some great harvests this far and I hope to have another few weeks of mild temps so I can surpass my goal of 2000 peppers picked for the season.  I was able to collect several seeds from a lot of my earlier varieties and I’d like to spread them around to you guys.  Read below for instructions.

Thousands of seeds.

All you need to do to get free seeds is….

  • Email me with 2 varieties from the list below that you would like to grow.
  • thepeppermeister@yahoo.com
  • I will then let you know if they are available and send you my mailing address.
  • You send me a self addressed stamped bubble envelope (email me for instructions).
  • I send you free PEPPERMEISTER seeds. (most packs have 20+ seeds)

The varieties of seeds that I have available will change often since I will run out of some and add more as I harvest and dry more seed varieties.  Check back here for updates and seed availabilities.  Yes, you are welcome to share some seeds with me as well.

Here’s what i have available now(Updated 2-7-13)

  1. Cyklon Paprika
  2. Suryankhi Cluster
  3. Limon
  4. Hanoi Red
  5. Jamaican Gold
  6. Aji Cristal
  7. Beni Highlands
  8. Hinkle Hatz
  9. Jamaican Hot Chocolate
  10. Sigaretta Di Bergamo
  11. Wenk’s Yellow Hot
  12. Lombak (Indian Pepper)
  13. Thai Giant
  14. Organic Jalapeno
  15. B.A. Cayenne
  16. Thai Hot (Bird’s Eye)
  17. Serrano
  18. Big Jim
  19. Cobra


Hinkle Hatz: Amish Heirloom Pepper

For information on getting started with chile gardening, check out my new HOW TO GROW PEPPERS page.

When you’re finished re-reading the instructions for getting free seeds, check out this recipe for Pulled Pork Jalapeno Poppers from Fresh Veggies in the Desert.