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Sport peppers are taking over my home.

My Cobra Chiles (top right) are starting to ripen at a speedy pace.  Cobra chiles are from India and make for a great spicy curry or tandoori marinade.  Very spicy but flavorful, these peppers grow quite easily in containers.

That lonely yellow beauty at the top is a Limo Chile.  This might be one of my new favorite peppers.  The Limo is a Peruvian habanero type pepper that matures from green to yellow.  If you’re looking for habanero heat from a mid season plant, the Limo is for you.  This chile has a smoky citrus flavor that is ideal for marinades.

On the top left, you’ll find several Kung Pao hybrid peppers, along with the Cobra, these are ripening rapidly.  More info about the Kung Pao hybrid can be found right here: Pepper Profile – Kung Pao.

The bottom pile is the newest addition to my never ending Sport Chile harvest.  There are 44 Sport chiles there, which brings my total to 234 peppers from this one single plant!  For more info on growing and cooking with the Sport Chile go here: Pepper Profile – Sport Chile.

To view a complete list of the peppers I’m growing visit My Summer 2011 Growing List.

Here’s an invaluable tip for keeping track of peppers while harvesting:

My Kung Pao hybrids and my Cobra chiles look very similar.  Both are long, red and slender and both have great heat.  The Kung Pao averages 4 inches in length and the Cobras are about 3 inches but they will vary and they will get mixed up if you don’t take precautionary measures.

When I harvest peppers, I use a small pair of scissors to cut the stems.  I decided in order to keep track of these two similar looking chiles, I would leave a long stem on the Kung Pao and cut the Cobra chiles’ stems much shorter.  Now, when I throw them all in the fridge or give them to friends, I can distinguish one from the other.  For anyone growing peppers that look very similar, try this tip and finally end your confusion.

Notice the long stem on the Kung Pao (left). The Cobra chiles are trimmed to look like crayons of tongue destruction.