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My wife refers to this as "pepper porn"

Last year I made a lot of mistakes….

I had a late start transplanting my seedlings, I constantly forgot to fertilize, I used crappy soil and I ended up with about 3 edible peppers.  Then I decided to hit the books internet and do some research.  Along with a boatload of new information and some fancy new self watering containers* that I had been working on all Spring, I was ready to give my year old Pepper Joe Cayenne seeds another shot.

To see a complete list of my pepper plants for this summer click here.

This Cayenne plant has shown promise from the early stages.  It always looked like it was shooting strait up to the sky like it just couldn’t wait to grow.  Now its starting to bear the largest Cayenne peppers I have ever seen.  The one in this picture is just about 8 inches long and 1 inch wide.  Others on the plant look like they may get bigger than this one!

Here is a list of possible causes that lead to this plant being so awesome:

1. My dog, Uncle Jesse (pictured below) licks the leaves of this plant almost everyday.

2. The Global Bucket plan that I used to make this container, is simple and ingenious ( I did modify it a bit).

3. My organic potting mix is a utopia of fertility and growth.

4. Pepper Joe only harvests seeds from the largest fruits and his seeds kick ass.

5. The buckets I’m using for this particular plant are over 30 years old.

6. Peppermeister’s top secret organic compost mix every two weeks!

See you Sunday for “Just the Tip”

Uncle Jesse, full on snooze mode.

* I also used these great plans for a DIY version of the Earth-box for my Ace Bells, Ancho 101 and Numex Big Jims (all are looking and tasting phenomenal).